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Fairfax / SciTech (PWC)


Fairfax to SciTech - Spring 2018 Schedules

SciTech to Fairfax- Spring 2018 Schedules

Fairfax to SciTech - Winter Break 2017 Schedules

SciTech to Fairfax- Winter Break 2017 Schedules

Several stops for the shuttles do not have timed stops (marked by -- on the schedule), however the shuttles drive by these stops as part of their normal route.  If you want to catch the shuttle at one of the untimed stops, just be at the stop at the pickup time of the stop before yours!  The driver will see you and stop to pick you up.

Travel time typically takes less than 45 minutes – but can vary greatly according to traffic.

Catching the SciTech Shuttle and parking at Manassas Mall Park and Ride

Our Manassas Mall shuttle stop is located between Walmart and Sears near the food court. We are 200 feet to left of the PRTC bus stop.

Parking is free at the mall’s park and ride. The park and ride is located in the area noted above (in front of the Mason Shuttle stop).  Manassas Mall has kindly asked commuters not to park in the spaces closest to the mall. Please park a few rows back to help accommodate patrons shopping at the mall.

From Manassas Mall you can access the PTRC Bus System for transportation to surrounding areas. Schedules are on:


All passengers must show a Mason ID to ride Mason Shuttles from the following stops:
- Commerce Building
- Fairfax Circle
- Manassas Mall
- Rappahannock River Ln



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